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    This made my day #nsync #igbm

    This made my day #nsync #igbm

  2. I just supported May 1, 10 AM, L.A. #MayDay4All on @ThunderclapIt // @MayDay4All

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    #HappyEaster #420 #HeIsRisen #BlazeJesus #HeHasRisen

    #HappyEaster #420 #HeIsRisen #BlazeJesus #HeHasRisen

  4. 17:06 11th Apr 2014

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    When someone doesn’t vote, but still wants to give me their opinions on politics

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    I have lived this gif!

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  6. Vote for Jim Wheeler! Nevada can win this thing

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    #10thCircuit decided #HobbyLobby w/only 10% women judges. Senators: confirm pending women nominees #whycourtsmatter http://thndr.it/1hvCjYX

    #10thCircuit decided #HobbyLobby w/only 10% women judges. Senators: confirm pending women nominees #whycourtsmatter http://thndr.it/1hvCjYX

  8. 10:04 5th Oct 2013

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    It’s #Oct5, the nat’l immigration day of action! Tell #JohnBoehner & the House to vote on #CIR. #TimeIsNow

    It’s #Oct5, the nat’l immigration day of action! Tell #JohnBoehner & the House to vote on #CIR. #TimeIsNow

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    Please sign up and help remind Nevadans that we need to be registered to vote!

    I just supported Register to vote Nevada! on @ThunderclapIt // @PLANevada

  10. The Myth that is Brian Sandoval

    First off, Latinos rejected Brian Sandoval in 2010 because of his embrace of racist anti-immigrant laws like Arizona’s SB1070 and 287g, not just because he is a Republican. He also made idiotic flip-floppy remarks to describe his opposition to drivers licenses for undocumented Nevadans. And it didn’t help that Sharron Angle was on the top of the ticket reminding Latinos and all Nevadans that their party sees Latinos as criminal thugs who want to steal joy and prosperity from whites.

    Today an article described how Nevada’s first Latino governor is diligently working to win Latino voters. A short paragraph listed some of his so-called accomplishments and it really pissed me off:

    1. Nevada is the only state in the nation that does not fund English Language Learner programs. It should come as no surprise considering we barely fund education at all, but should make you angry considering Nevada has the highest rate of undocumented residents in the country. Why is our drop out rate so high? Because kids who need specialized instruction aren’t getting it, and they’re just giving up and dropping out.

    Governor Sandoval did NOTHING to fix this problem in 2011. And he barely did anything to fix it 2013. $50 million is a lot of money but a drop in the bucket considering how large our ELL population is. Studies recommend that ELL programs in Nevada need to be funded to the tune of $130-$150 per year. And because of Sandoval’s bonehead “no taxes ever” stance, he did absolutely nothing to fight for the funding to properly address Nevada’s ELL crisis. He may say he funded ELL, but he did it on the cheap, because he thinks its all our kids deserve.

    2. Governor Sandoval advocated for separate but equal by rejecting drivers licenses for undocumented Nevada residents and opting for ‘driver authorization cards’ instead. In 2010 he said driver’s licenses legitimize “illegal immigration”. Immigrants don’t come to Nevada to the US for drivers licenses, and they don’t leave because they don’t get one. His comment was stupid and offensive.

    Worth pointing out: Sandoval originally told a reporter in 2010 he would support drivers licenses, but being Sandoval (aka the FrankenGov built by our state’s most powerful lobbyists) his staff quickly snatched his wig and released the more offensive (and stupid) statement.

    3. He advocated for the Senate immigration bill? How so? By signing a proclamation that did nothing? How many times did he visit with Senator Heller? How many visits or phone calls with Reps Heck and Amodei? Any OpEds, or open letters? How about a press conference? A group of undocumented moms asked to meet with Sandoval after he told Univision he didn’t understand what they meant by “undocumented” and his office refused (after months of the moms begging). Does he even CARE about undocumented residents of his state, other than the poor unsuspecting DREAMers his staff has been known to grab for an awkward photo-op?

    If Brian Sandoval wants to win Latino votes he can try to do some of the following:

    • Talk to people. Sure, Sandoval goes out into the public, but if you dare ask a question a staffer will jump in front of you and silence you. Why not have a town hall? A meet and greet? Stop having these sanitized photo ops and do something to show you aren’t the world’s most life-like robot.
    • Tell Reps Heck and Amodei to move their asses on immigration reform. Activists have camped out in parking lots, marched, called, canvassed, begged, cried, prayed, traveled to DC and are now prepared to go to jail if the House doesn’t vote on an immigration reform bill this year. Have a press conference demanding action. Write an open letter. DO SOMETHING other than hide behind that meaningless proclamation.

    Or he can just do more of the same and Nevada will still reelect this robotic fraud because there is no one willing to challenge him.